Student Learning Support

Academic Support: The Student Learning Support Specialist, Shoshana Zeisman-Pereyo, Ed.D. supports students as they adapt their study and personal habits to the demands of being a student at OHSU. Often academic success can be achieved through changes in the way in which students approach their learning early in their academic program.

The Student Learning Support Specialist assists students with the following:Student Learning Support Button

  • Study Skills
  • Motivation and Goal Setting
  • Learning Styles and Active Learning Strategies
  • Test Taking Skills and Test Anxiety
  • Time (Self) Management
  • Board Preparation

All services can be accessed via appointment and office hours. Students can email Dr. Shoshana Zeisman-Pereyo at for availability.

The Student Learning Support Specialist is available to facilitate workshops, presentations, or panel discussions on the following topics:

  • Study Skills – Test Taking, Note Taking, Reading, Memory Techniques and More!
  • Motivation and Goal Setting
  • Time (Self) Management
  • Custom Presentation

If you are interested in having Dr. Shoshana Zeisman-Pereyo come to your class and present on a topic, please email her at . Workshops can vary in time and topic.