Membership & Usage

student center membership

Current OHSU students with a valid OHSU ID badge have unlimited access to the Student Center and its amenities free of charge. The Student Center also offers current OHSU residents and spouse/domestic partners of OHSU students reduced cost memberships to the pool and gymnasium.  Please contact the Student Center at 503-494-8295 for more details.

Current OHSU employees, volunteers, visiting students, as well as guests of OHSU (18 yrs. old and over) may purchase a membership to the swimming pool, gymnasium, bike commuter or jog-only options available at the Student Center.  (Access to the Wellness Room and its amenities is limited to currently enrolled OHSU students. Student spouses/partners can purchase a $20 punch card to use the Wellness Room).  OHSU employees can sign up for payroll deduction which is deducted bi-monthly.  (No deduction will be taken if a month has a third pay period.)  The Student Center also provides 10-visit punch cards as well as drop-in access passes.  Storage baskets may be rented in the locker room.  All guests have access to lockers to store their belongings.  Locks are not provided, and use of lockers is limited to use while in the Student Center only.

The primary goal of the OHSU Student Center is to provide social, recreational, and cultural opportunities to students and members of the OHSU community, including faculty, staff, and volunteers.  The Student Center's focus is on providing drop-in recreational opportunities for members, rather than organized activities.  The only sanctioned organized activities are our intramural programs.  If OHSU community members are interested in organized and planned activities, we recommend the March Wellness & Fitness Center at the Center for Health & Healing at the South Waterfront.

The OHSU Student Center grants current students, faculty, staff and volunteers priority access to facility usage.  We are not able to allow guests of OHSU, whether using the pool or gymnasium, to conduct organized group or individual activities or coaching sessions, or sponsor group or individual training of any kind.  Our resources are primarily for the benefit of the OHSU student, faculty, and staff community and OHSU reserves the right to revoke guest visiting privileges if the Student Center staff discover guests organizing structured individual or group/team activities.  The gymnasium and media room are the only amenities in the Student Center available to rent or reserve.  The swimming pool is a dedicated common space and is not available to rent or reserve.

Swimming Pool Membership Information

$15 joining fee charged on payroll deduction memberships only.

  • Payroll Deduction $25/pay period

10 visit punch card $40
Drop-in rate $5

Gym Membership Information

10 visit punch card $30
Drop-in rate $4

Bicycle Commuter Information

$15 joining fee charged on payroll deduction memberships only.

  • Payroll Deduction $11/pay period

Bicycle Commuter Locker Rentals

$15.00 per month member rate
$12.00 per month student rate

Jog or Walk-only Information

$15 joining fee charged on quarterly and payroll deduction rates only.

  • Payroll Deduction $11/pay period

Basket Rentals

Baskets are available to all current students and members.  The rental rate is $1.00 per month and students and members are asked to pay until the end of the fiscal year, June 30th.