Review Process Flow Charts

Follow-up Program Review

The processes are depicted in the flowcharts at the internal (school and institution) and external (state and regional) review levels.


Each school has a process for reviewing proposed new academic programs and changes to existing programs. Please consult the appropriate school-specific information below:

Institutional Level

After a proposal successfully passes through the school-level process, the proposal is submitted to the Office of Academic Programs, Policy & Accreditation (APPA). The addition of new academic degrees and certificates is the purview of the OHSU Faculty Senate, and the APPA forwards proposals to the Senate for review and approval. The proposal must pass through these quality assurance checkpoints before it is advanced to the state-level process.

State and Regional Levels

The Executive Vice Provost or designee notifies the Statewide Provost's Council of the intention to forward a proposal for a new academic program or substantive change to an existing program.

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