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Virginia Tilden

Innovation, rigor, scalability, interprofessional teamwork –all describe faculty's research at the OHSU School of Nursing. Consistently ranked in the top half of NIH funding to schools of nursing, the School has been long known for its stellar clinical research programs in such areas as cancer, cardiac, and palliative care, as well as in symptom management and caregiving for families and frail elders. The School is also known as an innovator in educational and pedagogical innovation, for example, in seamless educational progression, simulation, and interprofessional education.  

The research engine of the School is driven by faculty investigators with a passion for discovery and a commitment to the highest standards of scientific inquiry. Doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows are embedded in faculty's research programs and thereby learn firsthand the art and science of research and grantsmanship.

Faculty research clusters in several crucial scientific areas: integrative bio-behavioral research; health equity research; implementation science research; and transformational learning research. I invite you to scroll through the following pages to learn about the areas and to note the faculty working in these areas.