Kathie L. Lasater, Ed.D.,R.N., A.N.E.F.

Kathi Lasater

Oregon Health & Science University
School of Nursing Portland Campus
3455 SW US Veterans Hospital Road, SN-4S
Portland, Ore. 97239
Phone: 503 494-8325
Fax: 503 494-4678
E-mail: lasaterk@ohsu.edu

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My primary goal in nursing education is to prepare students to become excellent clinical thinkers through the integration of theory, research, and pedagogy. To that end, my secondary goal is to support, collaborate with, and mentor faculty colleagues to do same. Soon after my own baccalaureate education, I recognized that my thinking had been transformed. To understand that transformation and be able to foster it in students has been the driving passion of my practice as an educator and researcher in clinical judgment, employing strategies that support learning and the development of clinical judgment, such as active learning, case studies, and simulation.

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Ed.D., Educational Leadership: Post-Secondary, Portland State University
M.S., Biologic Dysfunction, University of California, San Franciso
B.S., Nursing, University of Oregon School of Nursing (now OHSU)


N410: Population-based Care
N562/662: Assessment of Learning;
N563/663: Simulation in Clinical Education Funded Research: Redesigning Clinical Learning through Simulation and Practice, Co-PI, NLN.
Faculty Mini-Course: Online Teaching/Learning

Service activities

Fellow, Academy of Nursing Education Facilitator, Quality & Safety Education for Nurses(QSEN) OCNE Research and Evaluation Committee

Publications (top 5)

1. Lasater, K., Young, P. K., Mitchell, C. G., Delahoyde, T., Nick, J. M., & Siktberg, L. (2013). Connecting practices in distance mentoring: What works. Nurse Education Today.
2. Johnson, E., Lasater, K., Hodson Carlton, K., Sideras, S., & Siktberg, L. (2012). Geriatrics in simulation: Role modeling and clinical judgment effect. Nursing Education Perspectives, 33(3), 176-180.
3. Lasater, K., Johnson, E., Hodson Carlton, K., Siktberg, L., & Sideras, S. (2012). A digital toolkit to implement and manage a multisite study. Journal of Nursing Education, 51(3), 127-132. doi: 10.3928/01484834-20120113-02.
4. Adamson, K. A., Gubrud-Howe, P., Sideras, S., & Lasater, K. (2012). Assessing the inter-rater reliability of the Lasater Clinical Judgment Rubric: Three strategies. Journal of Nursing Education 51(2), 66-73. doi: 10.3928/01484834-20111130-03.
5. Lasater, K. (2011). Clinical judgment: The last frontier for evaluation. Nurse Education in Practice, 11(2), 86-92. doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2010.11.013.