Non-Nursing Requirements

Because OHSU School of Nursing offers nursing courses only, students complete their non-nursing requirements at other schools—both community colleges and universities. While all the required general education courses are available at most community colleges, the 15 credits of upper division non-nursing courses are available only at four-year schools. You may be able to attend class in person and complete all your non-nursing requirements at schools near where you live, but many students enjoy the benefit of taking courses at a distance. This web page highlights the ONLINE versions of required non-nursing courses as offered through OHSU partner institutions.
OHSU’s Financial Aid Office has partnered with five Oregon 4-year schools (OIT, EOU, PSU, SOU and WOU) and with four Oregon community colleges (RCC, SOCC, UCC, MHCC). Once you have enrolled in an OHSU nursing course, if you receive financial aid through OHSU, that financial aid can be used to pay tuition for required non-nursing courses taken at a partner school.  

Note that this list is meant to be representative, not exhaustive.  This list was prepared in Fall 2008 and course offerings are subject to change. For current information and details contact individual schools.

Non-nursing coursework plan

Upper Division (300 and 400 level) Non-Nursing Required Courses
Students in the OCNE curriculum must complete 15 credits of upper division courses in a field other than nursing as a requirement for graduation. Below is a list of four-year schools in Oregon that offer upper division non-nursing courses online. These courses may have lower division prerequisites, for example, an upper division Psychology course may require prior completion of Psych 101--check with each school for details.

Eastern Oregon University (EOU), phone: 800 544-2195 or 541 962-3378; Fax: 541 962-3627. EOU offers upper division distance-delivered courses in the fields of Anthropology, Business, Chemistry, Economics, English, Gender Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Statistics and Theater.

Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), phone: 866-497-0008, e-mail:  oit@oit.edu OIT offers upper division distance-delivered courses in the fields of Biology, Business, Math, Management Information Science, Psychology, Speech, and Writing.

Portland State University (PSU), phone: 800 547-8887 ext 4865 or 503 725-4865,  PSU offers upper division distance-delivered courses in the fields of Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Child and Family Studies, English, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Writing. Note that these courses, if they are flexibly-scheduled as “independent study,” will not qualify for financial aid.  It is possible, however, to take courses on-campus which will qualify for financial aid.

Southern Oregon University (SOU), phone: 541 552-6332,  e-mail:  huftill@sou.edu SOU offers upper division distance-delivered courses in the fields of Criminology, Business, Education, Philosophy and Psychology.

Oregon State University Extended Campus (non-partner school), phone: 800 235-6559 or 541 737-2676. Visit their web site for a complete listing of courses and the formats in which they are delivered at a distance.