The OHSU Department of Surgery is comprised of more than 100 full-time clinical faculty and three full-time research faculty who serve as members of major national surgical societies, NIH study sections and specialty boards. We are committed to faculty development and recruit providers based on their clinical strengths and expertise, research potential, teaching interest, talent and alignment with our values. We aim to increase NIH funding, devote more time to resident education, provide the most innovative and advanced healthcare options to our community and grow our department as a nationally recognized entity.

Surgery Faculty

Ando, Takeshi
Azarbal, Amir
Azarow, Kenneth
Billingsley, Kevin
Butler, Marilyn
Brasel, Karen
Chang, Shiliang
Deveney, Clifford
Deveney, Karen
Dolan, James
El Youssef, Raphael
Enestvedt, C. Kristian
Fialkowski, Elizabeth
Garfinkle, Judah
Gilbert, Erin
Ham, Bruce
Hansen, Juliana
Herzig, Daniel
Hunter, John
Jafri, Mubeen
Jung, Enjae
Kiraly, Laszlo
Krishnaswami, Sanjay
Kuang, Anna
Landry, Gregory
Liem, Timothy
Lu, Kim
Martindale, Robert
Mattar, Samer
McLafferty, Robert
Milas, Mira
Mitchell, Erica 
Moneta, Gregory
Mueller, Reid
Mullins, Richard
Muralidaran, Ashok
Naik, Arpana
Orloff, Susan
Pommier, Rodney
Roayaie, Kayvan
Rodriguez, Victor
Rowell, Susan
Sally, Mitch
Schipper, Paul
Schreiber, Martin
Scott, David
Shen, Irving
Sheppard, Brett
Slater, Matthew
Solomon, Joel
Song, Howard
Spight, Donn
Sukumar, Mithran
Tibayan, Frederick
Tieu, Brandon
Trunkey, Donald
Tsikitis, Liana
Van, Phil
Vetto, John
Vlessis, Angelo
Watters, Jennifer
Wolfe, Bruce
Zonies, David