BEHN 616 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

3 credits

Fall term, alternate years beginning 2010-11

J. Raber

This course intends to cover the latest developments in research on neuroanatomical, cellular and molecular substrates of learning and memory (L&M). This course will consist of an introductory lecture followed by seminars on current topics in invertebrate L&M; new models of vertebrate L&M; neuroanatomy and neurocircuitry of L&M; neurophysiology of L&M; molecular substrates of L&M; neuropharmacology of L&M; developmental aspects of L&M; new molecular and genetic approaches of L&M; brain imaging and L&M. Each seminar will consist of two parts. The first a review of the topic will be presented by a faculty expert in the field or by a student presenting a review paper-if the expert faculty in this field in not available on campus. In the second part, a current experimental paper on this topic will be presented by a student and followed by discussion. Grading is based on quality of presentation & participation.