Estimated Tuition and Fees

Estimates for 2015-2016

Annual Tuition

Residents:  $39,980
Non-Residents:  $57,972

Annual Tuition, Fees and Insurance

Residents: $46,244
Non-Residents: $64,236

Breakdown of Fees and Insurance Annually

  • University Fee: $2,060
  • Student Council Fee: $56
  • Dental Insurance: $349
  • Major Medical Insurance: $3,799

    Total Fees/ Insurance: $6,264


Summary of Key Considerations in Determining Classification as a Resident

  1. Establishment of a domicile in Oregon for a period of 12 months or more prior to the beginning of the term for which residency is sought.
  2. Financial dependence on an Oregon resident or financial independence.
  3. Primary purpose for being in Oregon other than to obtain an education.
  4. Nature and source of financial resources.
  5. Various other indicia of residency, e.g., ownership of Oregon living quarters, permanent Oregon employment, payment of Oregon income taxes.


Note:  Applicants who have moved to Oregon prior to September 1, 2015 may be eligible to be considered an Oregon resident for the 2016 admissions cycle. To be considered an Oregon resident you must declare your state of legal residence through AMCAS as Oregon.

For complete information on residency rules, refer to the Residence Classification Policy and Procedures located at Click on 'See forms and information' then 'Residency Policy' under General Academic Policies.  

The tuition and fee schedule listed above are provided for information purposes only. The Oregon Health & Science University, School of Medicine, or program reserves the right to make changes in fees, tuition and other costs which range from minimal to substantial without advance notice. This information should not be construed in any way as forming the basis of a contract.