2014 CURE Interns

_Aquino_Denise_1_150Denise Aquino 

Mollala High School 
Research Mentor: Derek Zachman

"I want to one day participate in a program that facilitates the provision and sustainability of vision care for people who cannot afford nor have opportunities to access care." more about Denise


_Cid_Efren_1_150Efren Alonso Cid 

Sunset High School 
Research Mentor: Amanda McCullough, Ph.D.

"I am a hard-worker and I am committed to learning. My family has taught me to bring out the best in everything I do, no matter how small the task." more about Efren 

_DePaz_Anayaci_1_150Anayanci De Paz 

The Catlin Gabel School 
Research Mentor: Xiaolin Nan, Ph.D.

"I am excited to gain valuable insights into succeeding at college, how to be successful in a college level science program and learn much more about the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of conducting research." more about Anayanci

_Hernandez_Edgar_150Edgar Hernandez 

Century High School 
Research Mentor: Jared Fischer, Ph.D. 

As part of Century High School's Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, Edgar joins a select group of students with excellent drive to succeed. As a rising junior, Edgar is looking forward to taking Advanced Placement classes in Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology. more about Edgar

_Kheir_Asho_1_150Asho Kheir 

Oregon Islamic Academy 
Research Mentor: Rosalie Sears, Ph.D.

As a student at the Oregon Islamic Academy, Asho (Aisha) is an exceptional student, lauded by her teachers for her hard work, positivity and eagerness to learn. more about Asho


_Lang_Bridgette_1_150Bridgette Lang 

Jefferson High School 
Research Mentor: Paul Spellman, Ph.D. 

"Even though so many people have died of cancer, there are others who have survived it," she says. "Research and advancements are being made, and I want to be part of that progression." more about Bridgette


_Le_Y_150Y Le 

Franklin High School 
Research Mentor: Tania Vu, Ph.D. 

"I want to devote my life to researching and creating medicine to help those who need it the most, especially the people who cannot afford the luxury of medicine." more about Y

_Munoz_Jazmin_1_150Jazmin Muñoz 

Springwater Trail High School 
Research Mentor: Jared Fischer, Ph.D. 

Jazmin has been accepted into the highly selective Center of Advanced Learning, where she has the opportunity to take advanced classes, specific to the medical field. more about Jazmin