Bike Program Membership

OHSU Members (employees, students and anyone with an OHSU badge) can earn cash reimbursement for biking. 20 rides earns $20. To qualify, the OHSU member must have network access and bike at least 2 miles roundtrip to any OHSU location.

If you have network access, you can get started here.

If you do not have network access, read on to learn how the application works.



User Experience

Logging Trips

On the day of the ride, log onto the website. A bookmark, homepage or desktop icon makes the experience even faster. 

Provide simple trip details: miles biked, destination and other modes used (bus, tram, etc.). 

Mileage and other modes contribute to community and personal stats but won't affect your incentive (providing you bike more than 2 miles). 

If the trip is the same as your last trip, the log is a 1 click and can be completed in 2 seconds.

Your Trip Stats

Your travel log compiles your total miles, countdown to next incentive, and general impact of your biking. 

The travel stats are:

  • Total miles logged.
  • Average miles per trip.
  • Total trips logged.
  • Trips to next incentive.

The impact stats are:

  • Total calories burned.
  • Average calories burned per trip.
  • Gallons of oil saved.
  • Savings over driving.
  • Total CO2 saved from the atmosphere.
The citations for the impact stats come from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, AAA, LiveStrong, and the Encyclopedia of Earth.


Program Stats

The community's full tally of biking is displayed in real time on the right side of the page. The community stats are:

  • Enrolled riders.
  • Total miles logged.
  • Total CO2 saved from atmosphere.
  • Average miles per trip.
  • Total trips logged.
  • Riders logging 10+miles per day.

These stats are also published publicly each month at

News & Alerts

At the center of the page, members see communications: road alerts, weather, construction, events, discounts, contests, and other news. Given the multitude of bike news in the region, this site's News & Alerts narrowly focus on information directly relevant to OHSU riders.

More information

General information about biking to OHSU, including facilities, wayfinding, and other resources can be found at our public site:

For questions about the members site or biking to OHSU, contact John Landolfe, Transportation Options Coordinator, 503-494-2555.