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Employment within the OHSU office of Technology Transfer & Business Development (TTBD)

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is a nationally-renowned health and research university. Not only is OHSU Oregon's only academic health center, but it's also Portland's largest employer. The TTBD office manages and assesses the commercial potential of research and innovative ideas to bring research from the laboratory to the marketplace for public benefit. Our staff members are the most important asset in our pursuit to provide exceptional research and community service. Team members enjoy outstanding benefits and professional growth opportunities, as well as a challenging and dynamic work environment. To search for career opportunities within OHSU or TTBD please go to:

TTBD has the current openings:

Internship Opportunities at TTBD

Technology Transfer & Business Development interns provide a valuable service by assisting with technology development and the transition of technology from laboratory to market for the benefit of the public. In return, interns gain valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in a wide range of professions. Past TTBD interns have gone on to pursue careers in technology transfer, patent law, and startup development.

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Program structure:
  • TTBD has openings for unpaid internships twice each year. Internships during the academic school year start at the beginning of fall term and span approximately 34 weeks. During this period, interns are expected to volunteer 8 – 10 hours per week in the TTBD office, with up to 8 weeks off. In the summer, TTBD offers an accelerated internship program that spans 10 weeks and requires interns to volunteer 20 – 25 hours every week.
  • The program has three tracks: technology transfer, business development, and patent. TTBD interns will be generally exposed to all three areas, but will focus on a single track.
  • Regardless of the track, each internship begins with an instruction phase that covers essential topics related to technology transfer, business development, and intellectual property. Interns also receive training on using the tools and systems that they will utilize during the subsequent project phase.
  • During the project phase, interns are assigned a project (or multiple projects) and work closely with a mentor from the TTBD staff until completion. Internships conclude with interns presenting their project(s) to TTBD staff and other stakeholders.
TTBD will accept applications for the 2016 summer internship program from April 1 - 29, 2016. In order to qualify for a TTBD internship, candidates must:
  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in a life science, a physical science, and/or engineering.
  • Be pursuing or have received a graduate-level degree in science, medicine, engineering, business, or law.
  • Have an interest in intellectual property, technology transfer, and/or business development as a career goal.
  • Be able to commit to volunteering 20 – 25 hours per week for the entirety of the 2016 summer term (6/20/2016 - 8/26/2016).

Submit an email to    by April 29, 2016 with the following attachments:
  • Professional resume or curriculum vitae
  • Cover letter that states the applicant’s preferred internship track, the applicant’s career aspirations, and what the applicant hopes to achieve by participating in the internship program
  • Letter of recommendation from a supervisor or graduate mentor
  • Permission letter from the applicant’s advisor and program director to participate in TTBD’s internship program, if applicant is from OHSU


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"I loved my time learning about the licensing of OHSU technologies. While at TTBD, I was given several projects to work on related to a specific technology. I also participated in TTBD meetings and seminars, as well as interacted with TTBD staff and OHSU inventors. The projects gave me an understanding of how new technologies are evaluated and marketed, and working with staff and inventors gave me a feel for the skills needed in tech transfer. I would absolutely recommend interning at TTBD for anyone interested in learning how to apply science, law or business to commercializing academic research."
- Kimberly Griffin, PhD

"The TTBD internship is an enlightening, must have experience for graduate students and postdocs who want to learn about the process of taking scientific discoveries from the bench into the public domain. The opportunity to participate in discussions about intellectual property, technology evaluation, and the process of commercialization, often with members of the biotech community, has expanded my perspective of basic and translational research. The project phase of the internship allowed me to get hands-on experience working with scientists and technology transfer professionals to market new technologies to potential commercial partners that would distribute these products to the community. This internship was one of my most valuable career development experiences."
- Khoa Tran, PhD