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Postal Address

Oregon Health and Sciences University

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

RJH (BSC) 3340

Portland, OR 97239


Contact Information

Facilities Director Dennis Koop, Ph.D. 503.494.7803 koopd@ohsu.edu
Associate Facilities Director Andrea DeBarber, Ph.D. 503.494.3154 debarber@ohsu.edu
Research Assistant Professor Anuradha Pappu, Ph.D. 503.494.8034 pappua@ohsu.edu
Senior Research Assistant Jenny Luo, M.S. 503.494.8034 luoj@ohsu.edu
Senior Research Assistant Lisa Bleyle, B.S. 503.494.7806 bleylel@ohsu.edu
Coordinator for PK CORE Modeling Unit Ganesh Cherala, Ph.D. 503.418.0447 cheralag@ohsu.edu


The BSR/PKCore is located in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, RJH (BSC) 3340.

The Director of the facility is Dr. Dennis R. Koop(503.494.7803) and is assisted by the Associate Facilities Director, Dr. Andrea DeBarber(503-494-3154) and by Jenny Luo(503.494.8034), Senior Research Assistant, and by Dr. Anuradha Pappu (503.494.8034) and by Lisa Bleyle(503.494.7806), Senior Research Assistant.

Dr. Ganesh Cherala  (503.418.0447) from the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy Practice, is the coordinator for the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling unit.

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