Brehm Lab

Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator: Paul Brehm

Work in the Brehm lab utilizes the zebrafish animal model to explore the role of activity in regulating synapse development. In close collaboration with the Mandel lab we have assigned, by means of genetic mapping and sequencing, each signature defect to single point mutations in key proteins involved in synaptic function.



Gabriel Finch
Research Assistant 2
E-mail: finchg@ohsu.edu

Max Kravitz
Research Assistant 2
E-mail: kravitz@ohsu.edu

Michael Linhoff
Research Assistant Scientist
E-mail: linhoffm@ohsu.edu

Nathan Nelson
Graduate Student
E-mail: nelsonn@ohsu.edu

Benjamin Rakela
Graduate Student
E-mail: rakela@ohsu.edu

Wei-Chun Wang
Postdoctoral Fellow
E-mail: wanwe@ohsu.edu

Hua Wen
Research Assistant Professor
E-mail: wenh@ohsu.edu

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3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Pk. Rd.
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