Research Directions

The Oregon institute of Occupational Health Sciences, has 4 main research themes or directions that respond to our mission.  They are listed below.

Total Worker Health®
Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (OHWC) faculty and other Occupational Health Sciences faculty are developing, testing, and disseminating programs that integrate safety, health and wellness into single or associated programs that reduce injuries and improve wellness by reducing smoking, weight gain and work stress in workplace interventions.

Click on these links to learn about our research on Total Worker Health: Kent Anger, Ryan Olson, Dede Montgomery, Leslie Hammer, David Hurtado, Oregon Healthy Workforce Center

Exposure: Consequences and Prevention
Our researchers are using cutting edge science to characterize the adverse effects of occupational exposures, determine the mechanisms by which these exposures produce adverse effects, and apply that information to develop specific worker training and other innovative strategies to help prevent the exposures in the first place and to reduce the adverse consequences if exposures do occur.

Click on these links to learn about our research on Exposure:  Doris Kretzschmar, Stephen Lloyd, Amanda McCullough, Mitch Turker, Kent Anger, Fred Berman

Sleep and Shiftwork: Impact on Health, Safety, and Productivity
Adequate sleep is not only essential for our safety and productivity but also for our overall well-being and health. At the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, we are developing a research program to study common sleep problems and to implement solutions, ranging from screening for and treating sleep disorders, educating communities and workforces about ‘sleep health’, to implementing interventions designed to improve sleep, safety, productivity and overall health in the workplace. 

Click on these links to learn about our research on Sleep and Shiftwork: Steve Shea, Chuck Allen, Matt Butler, Doris Kretzschmar

Injury, Treatment, Recovery and Prevention
Physical injury is the largest contributor to workers’ compensation costs in Oregon. To reduce this burden on worker wellness and productivity, Center scientists are conducting innovative research on the causes, treatment, recovery and prevention of workplace injuries. 

Click on these links to learn about our research on Injury: Ryan Olson, Rick Deyo