Science Seminars

All seminars are held in Vollum 1441M at noon
unless otherwise noted.


May 25, 2016

Julia Goodman

Julia Goodman, Ph.D., M.P.H.,
Assistant Professor of Public Administration,
Mark O. Hatfield School of Government,
Portland State University,
Portland, OR

Title: "TBA"

Hosts: Brad Wipfli & Leslie Hammer

June 1, 2016

Robert Sobol

Robert W. Sobol, Ph.D.,
Chief of the Molecular and Metabolic Oncology Program,
USA Mitchell Cancer Institute,
University of South Alabama,
Mobile, AL

Title: "TBA"

Host: R. Stephen Lloyd

June 8, 2016

Suzanne Mitchell

Suzanne Mitchell, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor,
Behavioral Neuroscience,
Portland, OR

Title: "TBA"

Host: Brad Wipfli