Director's Message

Looking Toward the Future of the Institute

Dr. Steve Shea

Steven Shea, PhD, was named the Director of CROET by OHSU Vice President Dan Dorsa, on April 2, 2012.

Dr. Shea is from the Harvard School of Medicine where he is Director of the Sleep Disorders Research Program.  He is the President of the American Academy of sleep Medicine Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Nature and Sleep.

“The faculty and staff at the Oregon  of Occupational Health Sciences are very accomplished and are performing excellent basic research aimed at understanding mechanisms of disease and important field research with relevance to the work force, as well as educational and interventional outreach into the community," said Dr. Shea. "I am eager to join their efforts. I have been at Harvard for 21 enjoyable and successful years, but I’m up for a new challenge, and this is a great opportunity at Institute and OHSU. My own research will include studies of sleep and circadian rhythms as these relate to accidents and overall health of shift workers and people suffering from sleep disorders. Beyond that, I will support the Institute’s current activities whilst helping to expand the research and outreach to more fully encompass overall health and safety in the workplace, and to engage in collaborations across the whole campus and beyond in order to make this happen.”

View Steven Shea's Seminar October 10, 2011