Flow Cytometry

FlowCore The Flow Cytometry Core of the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) was created during the mid 1980s in response to the AIDS epidemic and subsequent discovery of an animal model in nonhuman primates; i.e., simian AIDS or SAIDS.  Starting with a Coulter EPICS C analyzer/sorter, the Flow Core currently contains a Becton-Dickinson (BD) FACS Calibur analyzers, two BD LSR2 analyzers and a BD Aria II Special Order cell sorter.

The Flow Cytometry Core serves the OHSU West Campus community by: (1) providing, maintaining and upgrading the Flow Core's equipment; (2) training users to operate the equipment in the Flow Core; and (3) providing background information to users unfamiliar with flow on basic flow theory and cell staining procedures. 

The Flow Cytometry Core equipment includes:

  1. BD FACS Calibur analyzer with auto loader option.  The Calibur has blue and red lasers, and detectors for 4 colors.
  2. BD LSR II analyzer with blue, red and violet lasers, and detectors for 10 colors.
  3. BD LSR II Special Order analyzer with blue, red, violet and green lasers, and detectors for 18 colors.
  4. BD Aria II Special Order cell sorter equipped with the hazardous materials containment, the cloning and the heating/refrigeration options.  The Aria II has blue, red and violet lasers, and detectors for 14 colors.
The analyzers are offered on a user self-serve basis after proper training of new users.  Flow Core personnel usually run the Aria II cell sorter.  However, depending on need and after demonstrating technical proficiency selected research personnel are allowed to run the cell sorter on a self-serve basis.



Stanley M. Shiigi, Ph.D., Head of Flow Cytometry Core 503-690-5268