Our Facilities

Our FacilitiesThe ONPRC animal facility consists of eight buildings with 156 interior animal rooms, six 1-acre and one 2-acre outdoor enclosed corrals and 32 indoor/outdoor sheltered housing units. There are approximately 400,000 square feet of animal housing with 30,000 square feet of support space including dedicated surgery, pathology and clinical facilities. A 12,000 square foot animal services building is just opened in July 2009 with additional animal housing and support facilities.

More than 60% of OHSU/ONPRC’s monkeys live in group enclosures including indoor group housing, sheltered facilities with temperature-controlled indoor portions attached to outdoor runs, or one- and two-acre, grassy, outdoor corrals enriched with play equipment. Remaining monkeys are housed in stainless steel cages, appropriate to their size as required by regulations and guidelines. Approximately 55% of this population is housed as pairs. At any given time roughly 30% of the colony is involved in research projects and often these projects require single cage housing. All monkeys participate in our environmental enrichment program (see Behavioral Services).