Caring for Our Animals

Caring for Our AnimalsThe ONPRC’s contributions to biomedical research rely on scientific integrity, a commitment to innovative research, and, ultimately, a fundamental respect for life. Our animals are crucial to our efforts to discover more effective and accessible vaccines, treatments, and cures for a myriad of devastating human diseases. We recognize the ethical concerns raised by animal research, and that is why we provide humane and compassionate animal care while conserving our resources for only the most essential research endeavors.

The twelve veterinarians and more than 100 full-time support staff of the Division of Animal Resources (DAR) are commited to preserving the health and welfare of our 4,200 nonhuman primates. These dedicated staff provide around-the-clock veterinary care, ensuring that our monkeys have nutritious meals and clean, enriching, disease-free environments. In fact, we have the largest pathogen-free colony of rhesus monkeys in the country. In our continuing mission to improve our facilities, we are constantly seeking additional funds to expand and enhance our animal housing.

Our adherence to stringent state, federal, and NIH regulations is strengthened by our independent internal and external oversight. We are inspected semi-annually by the USDA, and provide annual reports to the NIH. We are particularly proud of the fact that we have been accredited for more than 30 consecutive years by AAALAC International, a voluntary inspection and certification program that holds facilities to standards that exceed government regulations.