CHSE Faculty: Peter Graven


Peter graven, ms, PHD (cand.)

Health Economist
Center for Health Systems Effectiveness
Admin Unit:SOM-Emergency Medicine

Research Interests:

Health insurance, health economics, methodology, small area estimation, simulation modeling, state health policy, program evaluation

Currently, Oregon and the US are trying to answer many questions about health care and the impact on cost, quality, and access. My research tries to apply tools from economics and health services research to answer these important policy questions. Additionally, I try to investigate new questions that contribute to the understanding of the health care system. 

Publications and Manuscripts

Boudreaux, M. Ziegenfuss, J. Graven, P. Davern, M. Blewett, L. "Counting Uninsurance and Means-Tested Coverage in the American Community Survey: A Comparison to the Current Population Survey." Health Services Research, 46: 210–231.

Blewett, L., Graven, P., Ziegenfuss, J., Davern, M. "Trends in Employee Wage and Health Insurance Compensation for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance (ESI) Coverage." Journal of Labor Research, 30 (4): 296-316.

Under review

Karaca-Mandic, P., Feldman, R., Graven, P. "The Role of Agents and Brokers in the Market for Health Insurance"

Abraham, J., Feldman, R., Graven, P. "New Evidence on Employer Price-Sensitivity of Offering Health Insurance."

In process

Abraham, J., Feldman, R., Graven, P. "Impact of PPACA on Employer Offers-Microsimulation Results."

Boudreaux, M., Graven. P., Davern, M. Lee, B. "Higher Ground? Variance Estimation in the Current Population Survey and the American Community Survey for Health Policy Analysis."

Zeigenfuss, J., Blewett, L., Graven, P, Davern, M., Boudreaux, M."State Variation in Health Insurance Coverage for Children."

Scal, P., Graven, P., Davern, M., Blewett, L. "Vulnerability and Trends in Access to Care for Adolescents and Young Adults 1997-2005."

Graven, P., Gollust, S., Blewett, L. "The RWJF Health Care Public Perceptions Index: Health Care Confidence and the Health Reform Debate."


Graven, P. "The RWJF Health Care Public Perceptions Index: Index Development, Results and Support for Reform," Conference Proceedings, 10th Health Survey Research Methods Conference.

Graven, P., Turner, J. "Modeling Health Insurance Coverage Estimates for Minnesota Counties," Conference Proceedings, 2011 Joint Statistical Meeting.

Graven, P., Sonier, J., "State-Level Trends in Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: A STATE-BY-STATE ANALYSIS." Published online at http://www.rwjf.org/files/research/72528shadac201106.pdf,June 2011.

Graven, P., "RWJF Health Care Consumer Confidence Index Report," Monthly reports, Published online at http://www.rwjf.org/healthpolicy/product.jsp?id=44528, June, 2009-May, 2011.

Graven, P., "Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Care Public Perceptions Index Tracking Health Care Perceptions over Time: January 2010 to December 2010." Published online at http://www.rwjf.org/files/research/71962.pdf, February 2011.

Graven, P., Sonier, J., "State-Level Variation in Children's Health Insurance: A Deeper Look- A STATE-BY-STATE ANALYSIS." Published online at http://www.rwjf.org/files/research/70488.pdf, October 2010.

Graven, P., "Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Care Consumer Confidence Index Tracking Consumers' Attitudes Toward Health Care Over Time: July 2009 to June 2010." Published online at http://www.rwjf.org/files/research/67488.pdf, August 2010.

Graven, P., Godecker, A., Blewett, L., P., "The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Care Consumer Confidence Index: Baseline Findings." Published online at http://www.rwjf.org/files/research/61709hcccci.pdf, June, 2009.


Ph.D. Health Policy and Management (expected 2014)

M.S. Health Policy and Management, University of Minnesota

B.S. Economics, University of Wisconsin

Curriculum vita