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Interruptions with Computer Access Account Set Up

As part of the registration process for all our visitors/volunteers, we request a network e-mail account. We submit this request in an OHSU system called CARS. This system recently went through an update, and due to technological issues, new user accounts are not properly being created. Therefore, our office is experiencing a delay in processing of incoming applications. We are working closely with the CARS administrative team to work out these issues. We appreciate your patience while we work out the kinks.



The Office of Visitors & Volunteers connects potential volunteers to various opportunities, orients them to the complex OHSU environment, and guides them through the volunteer registration process. This program also links Research, Academic, and Central Services departments to interested volunteers.

Volunteer Voices

Marissa Viramontes: Volunteer turned OVV staff member

ViramontesHired late last summer, the Office of Visitors &Volunteers (OVV)'s very own Program Coordinator, Marissa Viramontes, started her journey at OHSU as a volunteer. Starting with great ambition, Viramontes began in two different volunteer assignments, one within the School of Public Health, and the other with Dr. Nigg's ADHD Research Study. Even though both assignments involved clinical research, "Both included entirely different tasks," Viramontes recounts, grateful for the variety of each experience.

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