The new eIRB is live!

eIRB live

The IRB development team is excited to announce that the new eIRB system is up and running! The new eIRB will help us support the rapidly growing research community at OHSU and maintain our high standards of compliance as a world-class research institution.

Only New Submissions

Currently, the new eIRB is only open for new submissions. At this time, all current studies and studies in the process of approval will remain in the "old" system. This will allow time for us to ensure a smooth migration of a very large amount of data. Keep your eyes open for announcements on the schedule for full Data Migration. We will provide as much advance notice as possible for any needed downtime.

What's different in the new eIRB system? Download Key Differences document for more information.

Help get your protocols ready for data migration coming soon!

Submit any pending Modification requests, CRQs or Reportable Events as soon as possible. Studies will be migrated to the new system only after these items are submitted and approved in the old system.

Withdraw any old items (studies, modifications, continuing reviews, reportable events) that you don't intend on submitting/resubmitting within the next 2 months. These items will not be migrated to the new system. Withdrawn items can still be accessed in the archive.

Be sure to archive all documents no longer being used in your research so that they do not have to be moved to the new system. See a list of examples here.

Rename documents with simplified and self-descriptive titles (e.g., Protocol, Consent Form, Recruitment Flyer, etc.).


Please visit the IRB Forms page each time you create a new consent form to ensure that you are working from the latest version.

2015 IRB Schedule

Please visit our IRB Education page for details on upcoming classes and brown bag sessions.

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