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Who and What the Poison Center Is - Essential Facts

Display Look-Alike Format - An Educational Activity Plan

Poison Lookout Checklist - Poison Proofing your Home

Are You a Poison Expert? - Test Your Knowledge Quiz

House (English) - Poison Prevention

House (Spanish) - Poison Prevention

Mr Yuk Means NO - How to use Mr Yuk stickers


Mr Yuk is On Your Side - Ages 3-7

Bears - Ages 2-8

Connect the Dots - Ages 4-8

Draw a Line - Ages 4-8

Raccoons (English) - Ages 4-8

Raccoons (Spanish) - Ages 4-8

Color Mr Yuk - Ages 4-10

Circle Maze (English) - Ages 5-10

Circle Maze (Spanish) - Ages 5-10

Color or Draw (English) - Ages 5-10

Color or Draw (Spanish) - Ages 5-10

Picture These Products - Ages 5-10

Poison Word Search - Ages 7-12

Fill in the Blanks - Ages 7-12

Unscramble the Poisons - Ages 7-12

What's Wrong with this Picture - Ages 7-12


Winter Hazards- Seasonal

Spring Hazards - Seasonal

Summer Hazards - Seasonal

Autumn Hazards - Seasonal

Halloween Hazards - Holiday

Winter Holiday Hazards- Holiday

Poisonous Plants - Everyday

Poisonous Mushroom Poster - Everyday


Golden Years - Protecting Seniors

Alaska Poison Center Materials

Alaska Poison Center Brochure

Materials To Download

These materials have been created to help educators present poison prevention information to school children of all ages, as well as adult populations. Please check back for periodic updates to this page.

Our materials are not copyrighted, and we encourage you to duplicate and distribute them as you desire. Do not change the National Help number or alter the Mr. Yuk and/or Poison Help symbols in any copies made of these materials.

The following are downloadable PDF files. You can print and photocopy these files anytime. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® to view and print these files; you can download it free by clicking below:

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