OCCYSHN is Oregon's Title V public health agency for children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN). We identify and address issues affecting this population. Our work helps Oregon's CYSHCN receive care that is:

  •  accessible and affordable
  •  centered on the expressed needs and goals of the children and their families
  •  culturally and linguistically appropriate
  •  efficient and effective

To those ends, OCCYSHN's programs and projects address:

Data and analysis

OCCYSHN gathers and disseminates data, analysis, and evidence-informed strategies about the issues facing Oregon's CYSHCN.  This allows for informed decision-making at every level, including families, health care providers, administrators, and policy-makers.

Coordinated care

Children and youth with special health needs require more health care and related services than is typical. They are often served by multiple providers (like primary care, specialty care, educational programs, mental health, dental health, community services, etc.). When these services are coordinated, children, families, providers, and payers all benefit. OCCYSHN works with stakeholders statewide to build and support coordinated systems of care for CYSHCN.

Empowered families

OCCYSHN programs provide family members of CYSHCN with resources, information, and support. We increase families' capacity to care, plan, and advocate for their children. We also ensure that families of CYSHCN are represented in program and policy efforts aimed at serving them.

OCCYSHN is part of OHSU's Institute on Development and Disability. We are funded by a Title V block grant from the federal Maternal and Child Health Bureau. See About OCCYSHN for more information on our funding.

We value your input.

If you have comments or suggestions about how we can best serve children and youth with special health needs, please contact us.