Back pain and neck pain are common concerns, but most causes of neck and back pain aren’t serious. Neck and back problems can be caused by your muscles being strained from poor posture – whether it’s leaning into your computer at work, hunching over your workbench doing hobbies or lifting everyday items.

But sometimes back pain and neck pain is caused by more serious conditions. To help identify the cause of your neck and/or back pain, we ask you to complete a health questionnaire. Your answers provide your doctor with detailed information about your pain and ability to function. This information also tells the back specialist how severe your symptoms are and what neck or back pain treatment will be most helpful.


Back & Neck Pain Lecture Videos

What causes back pain?  - David M Sibell, M.D., with the OHSU Spine Center discusses causes and treatments for back pain.

A Primer on Back Pain  - Dr. Nels Carlson covers the general causes of back pain, when to be concerned, and how to best treat back pain.

Living Successfully with Failed Back Syndrome  - Dr. David Siebell discusses failed back syndrome, what can cause it and how to treat it.


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