Radio Segments

Radio Segments Featuring Doernbecher Doctors

Doernbecher fetal medicine
Dr. Brian Shaffer, a perinatologist, joins us to discuss OHSU's efforts to track and improve a baby's health before being born. (7/21/2012)

Summertime safety
Dr. Ben Hoffman, director of the Tom Sargent Safety Center, will join us to talk about how to keep your children safe in the summer. (7/14/2012)

Pediatric pain
We’ll tell you about efforts at DCH to ease patient pain. (6/23/2012)

The many variations of ADHD
Dr. Damien Fair joins us to discuss a new breakthrough that explains why no two children with ADHD are alike. (4/17/2012)

Warning signs of child abuse
An expert on child abuse joins us to talk about this highly sensative topic. He’ll tell parents about the warning signs of abuse. (1/28/2012)

Holidays at Doernbecher
What does Doernbecher do to make the holidays brighter for kids who are in the hospital? Tune in to find out how staff and Oregonians alike work overtime to make merry in our children’s hospital. (12/17/11)

Healthy Eating for Kids
It all starts with eating. Hear from OHSU Doernbecher expert Dr. Natasha Polensek how to make sure your kids are eating right. (11/26/2011)

Doernbecher and Nike Design Shoes
Take an inside look at a program that pairs Doernbecher patients with Nike designers to develop amazing shoes popular with kids and adults alike. Nike employees, OHSU patients and OHSU physicians join us to explain how shoes are providing kicks for sick kids on the mend. (11/5/2011)

Finally, flu season is just around the corner. OHSU Doernbecher’s Dr. Dawn Nolt tells parents all they need to know about vaccinations. (10/22/2011)

Pediatric vision correction
When should you have your child's vision tested, how often? How about contacts versus glasses? Ann Stout, M.D. talks about pediatric vision correction. (9/10/11)