Our commitment to skin care

The OHSU Department of Dermatology in Portland, Oregon is dedicated to providing our patients the best and most innovative dermatologic care for the broad range of skin, hair, nail and mucous membrane disorders.

Welcome to the Department of Dermatology

The OHSU Department of Dermatology provides a broad scope of dermatology services for the skin and skin-related diseases. We provide these services with a unique perspective given our additional missions of skin-related research, and the training of future physicians and dermatologists.

Disorders of the skin include life-threatening skin cancers and immune disorders, more common conditions like acne and warts, and other intensely uncomfortable skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema that can dramatically affect a person's quality of life, and, as we are now learning, have other direct negative health affects such as the potential to increase heart disease.

Many of our board-certified dermatologists are international leaders who have made important contributions in advancing the field of dermatology and are highly sought out for their expertise. This expertise makes us an important resource to both patients and doctors in Portland, in Oregon and all of the Pacific Northwest.

Our clinics are located in the Center for Health & Healing in Portland's South Waterfront, in Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, and in Lake Oswego. Find out more about our various locations.

Learn more about patient services, training programs and research being conducted in the department.