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Administrative Offices:

OHSU Knight BioLibrary
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd, CR145
Portland, Oregon  97239

Management Team


Devon Kelly

phone:  503 494-9431

Devon is a molecular biologist by training with over 14 years' experience in specimen repository management, 10 years within pharmacogenetics research and 5 years basic research.  In her current role, she has primary responsibility for the standardization of repository management across OHSU, as well as coordinating distribution of specimens to researchers.  Prior to joining OHSU in 2011, Devon managed a resource team within the Human Sample BioRepository group at GlaxoSmithKline, for which she developed specimen management processes to meet the scientific and operational requirements for nearly 13,000 R&D scientists. 

Lab Manager

Dennis Duran
phone: 503 494-8344

Dennis has over 11 years of experience in biobanking. As a member of the sample management team at GlaxoSmithKline, Dennis was responsible for reception, accessioning, processing, global storage and distribution for the Human Sample BioRepository while adhering to industry best practices and standards. He has extensive experience utilizing LIMS tracking systems and lab automation ranging from liquid handlers to large-scale automated biobanking storage. Today, as the BioLibrary Laboratory Manager, he is responsible for the oversight of laboratory operations, ensuring proper infrastructure is in place to maintain industry-leading accreditations,support specimen and data management, and provide business support to repositories across the organization utilizing the Biobank EnterpriseManagement System (BEMS).

Specimen Management Team Lead

James Lagowski

phone: 503 418-2079

Jim came to the BioLibrary with 12 years of experience inlaboratory management and scientific research, exploring the molecular and cellular biology of epithelial cancers and psoriasis. During this research tenure Jim participated in the development and maintenance of a robustand fully annotated repository of human skin and head/neck cancers, contributing to a natural transition into the BioLibrary in 2012. In his current role,Jim and his team have standardized specimen intake and distribution processesfor the Knight Tissue Bank repository (KTB) and clinical archives, and he works with investigators worldwide to identify tissues from these and numerous other repositories at OHSU for their research.

Quality Specialist

Kelly Corll

phone: 503 418-2078

Kelly joined the BioLibrary with 15 years' experience in laboratory management and quality assurance administration; 7 years within a research histology laboratory and 8 years in blood banking and transfusion medicine.   In her current role, she is responsible for the planned and systematic activities implemented in the BioLibrary's quality system which ensures that the quality and regulatory requirements for the BioLibrary's products and services are achieved.  She has developed an integrated document control and training system as well as an internal auditing program to make certain the BioLibrary achieves best practices in biorepository activities.