Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies in which people help doctors find ways to improve health and treat diseases. The results of these research studies, called outcomes, give healthcare providers the data necessary to make advances and improvements in the way doctors treat or prevent disease.   

OHSU participates in hundreds of trials in a variety of scientific areas and diseases. To find out more about OHSU clinical trials, please see the resources below.

What clinical trials are going on now at OHSU?

There are many clinical trials in different departments happening simultaneously at OHSU.  Search for one here.

How do I participate in a clinical trial at OHSU?

Our clinical studies would not be possible without the thousands of Oregonians and others who volunteer each year.

To find out about participating in an OHSU clinical trial, contact the person listed for the specific study.  If you would like to be contacted by researchers to potentially participate in research studies, you may register for a national volunteer research registry that brings together researchers and willing volunteers who wish to get involved in research studies called ResearchMatch

Other online clinical trial resources