Cashiers Office

Services - Cashiers Office

The Cashiers Office is located in Baird Hall. The Cashiers are responsible for payment and deposit processing for all University funds and disbursement of student financial aid refunds, payroll and stipend checks.



These services also include:

  • Disburse financial aid checks
  • Process Direct Deposit forms
  • Process and post student payment
  • Process and post miscellaneous payments that are not patient or grant related

Full payment or Accounts Receivable approved financial arrangements must be in place one week after the start of classes for each program. Students that register after that date will be required to remit payment within one week.  Electronic bill or E-Bills for tuition and fees are sent out on the second Tuesday of every month.  Students that do not receive a bill can confirm account charges by accessing the online Student Information Systems (SIS) or by calling the Cashiers Office at (503)494-8243. 

All students must pay on time even if a bill is not received. 

Payment to student accounts can be made by cash, check, debit/credit card (Visa/MC) or the secure, interactive payment option available by accessing SIS online.