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The policy component of the Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation is to draft new policies and procedures regarding academic affairs and student life, to recommend university-wide policies and procedures, and to work with units to revise existing policies and procedures. Many stakeholders within the education mission participate in the development and revision of academic policies. The schedule and illustration linked here, give an example of the stakeholder participation process and a sense of the timeline necessary to move a policy through to approval.

Policies are presented to the Committee on Academic Policy (CAP) for review and approval on a quarterly basis.  CAP consists of faculty, academic administrators, a Faculty Senator and members from the Office of the Provost and the Office of General Counsel.  Here is a complete list of members.

The Office of Academic Programs, Policy and Accreditation is responsible for reporting policy activity to the Provost and to the Policy Advisory Committee.

A complete list of approved academic policies is available here.