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Faculty Senate Awards Finalist

And the Award for Leadership, Service, Teaching, Research, Excellence and Collaboration goes to...

At OHSU the passion we bring to our work leads to discoveries, educational opportunities and patient successes that literally change the world. At the heart of our success are faculty members, like you, that bring this devotion, creativity and energy to everything that we stand for. This makes a difference not only in the eyes of other faculty members, but to students and patients as well. It is a great honor to be recognized by fellow faculty members for the many contributions that are sometimes thought as unseen. Congratulations to this year's Faculty Senate Awards Finalists

Affiliated Units andInstitutes Award
Service Award

  • Jeri Finn, MS, RDN, LD
  • Bill Rooney, PhD

School of Dentistry
Leadership Award

  • Phyllis Beemsterboer, MS, EdD
  • Juliana da Costa, DDS, MS
  • Thomas Shearer, PhD
  • Michael Taylor, DMD

School of Medicine
Research Award

  • Markus Grompe, MD
  • Marina Guizzetti, PhD
  • David Huang, MD, PhD

School of Nursing
Collaboration Award

  • Kristen Beiers-Jones, RN, MNE
  • Martha Driessnack, PhD, PPCNP-BC
  • Joanne Noone, PhD, RN, CNE
  • Heather Voss, RN, MSN

School of Pharmacy
Teaching Award

  • Gary DeLander, PhD
  • Myrna Munar, PharmD
  • Ali Olyaei, PharmD
  • Oleh Taratula, PhD

School of Public Health
Excellence Award

  • Kathleen Carlson, PhD
  • Carrie Nielson, MPH, PhD
  • Ana Quinones, PhD
  • Elizabeth Waddell, PhD




Through the support of the OHSU Foundation and the OHSU President's and Provost's Office, the Faculty Senate Awards Luncheon will beheld Tuesday, May 10th from 12:00pm -2:00pm in the DCH Vey Conference Center, 11th Floor.

Seating at the luncheon is limited - please Click HERE to RSVP your attendance by Friday, April 29th

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Connect with the Faculty Senate

The OHSU Faculty Senate is a collective group of faculty representatives from across the University that come together to discuss, plan, advise and where appropriate takes action within its mission on any matter of general interest or concern to the Faculty or pertaining to OHSU. This includes, but not limited to: 

  • academic policies
  • educational standards, curricula, new programs, regulations
  • research
  • faculty status
  • strategic planning 
  • budget  aspects of student life that relate to the university environment.

Faculty Members - For more information about current members or what is going on in the Faculty Senate, please feel free to visit the internal Faculty Senate Connect site where you will find a list of Current Faculty Senate Representatives, join the Faculty Discussion Board, and even message your senator directly.

For all other inquiries on the Faculty Senate, please or call 503 494-4460 and you will be redirected to the Senate Representative who can address your inquiry accordingly.

2015 Faculty Senate Representatives

Affiliated Units

Lucia Carbone
Mitchell Turker
Richard Goodman
Robin Champieux

College of Pharmacy

Conroy Sun

School of Dentistry

Barry Taylor
Michael Danilchik
Rose McPharlin
Steven Gold

School of Medicine - Unit A

Derick Du Vivier
Jeffrey Iliff

School of Medicine - Unit B

Beth Smith

School of Medicine - Unit C

Aaron Cohen
Karen Eden

School of Medicine - Unit D

Clifford Coleman
Jessica Flynn

School of Medicine - Unit E

Amy Kobus
Bonnie Nagel
Linda Stork

School of Nursing

Amy Ross
Catherine Salveson
Frances Lee-Lin
Karen Lyons
Kristin Lutz

School of Public Health

Karen Watanabe