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Faculty Services OHSU's faculty and staff are the backbone of this University, providing leading and often world-renowned educational services throughout OHSU's schools and programs.  Without their dedicated services and their revolutionary ideas, OHSU's vision for the future would not be obtainable. The Office of Academic and Student Affairs is dedicated to providing the best possible support to our faculty and staff by efficiently balance regulatory compliance with the needs of our faculty.

Academic Resources for Faculty

Center for Diversity & Inclustion (CDI)

The OHSU Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) strives to build a vibrant environment providing a close, collaborative working relationship with students, staff, faculty and administration in developing programs and services that foster partnership of respect and inclusion for all people. We offer assistance in transitioning to a university environment; supplemental instruction seminars, cross-cultural counseling information and referral services, coordination of traditional cultural celebrations, a central location for socializing and leading cultural competency workshops and events.

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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus is an honorary title for a retired faculty member which recognizes distinguished past service to the institution.

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Faculty Senate

The mission of the OHSU Faculty Senate is to represent faculty by proposing, evaluating and advising on actions or policies to create, maintain, and protect an academic environment conducive to the full and free development of scholarly learning, teaching, research, patient care, and community service.

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Global Health Center

The Global Health Center is a university-wide program that promotes interdisciplinary global health education, research, service and advocacy to reduce the burden of illness and injury at home and abroad.

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The OHSU Library advances the discovery of knowledge by providing access to relevant, quality information.  OHSU librarians are active participants in education, research and healthcare.

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Labor Management Committee Center

The Labor Management Committee Center opened in 2002 as a cooperative effort between AFSCME and OHSU to provided development opportunities for OHSU employees. Now in our sixth year of operation we provide a variety of resources to help all OHSU employees move up the career ladder and achieve their career goals at OHSU.

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Office of Academic Programs & Assessment

The Office of Academic Programs & Assessment provides analytic support and expertise to aid in policy development, evaluation, and management of academic programs and student support services. 

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Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar oversees a broad range of activities in support of faculty involvement in display student grades, review class schedules, posting your online syllabus, viewing class roster and emailing students.

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OHSU Division of Management

The OHSU Division of Management focuses on educating professionals in all areas of the healthcare industry. Our curriculum emphasizes leadership and the business skills needed to make transformative change.

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OHSU's Teaching and Learning Center

OHSU's Teaching and Learning Center promotes the value and practice of excellence in teaching by providing resources and consultation designed to promote teaching methods that are consistent with research about how people learn. The TLC offers several education technology platforms that instructors and students can use to enhance teaching and learning at OHSU.

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Through a network of partnerships, OHSU is enhancing community-based care, serving Oregon’s most vulnerable citizens, increasing access to healthcare education, and bringing groundbreaking health research to rural communities. With more than 200 community service programs already in place, OHSU is improving the well-being of people across Oregon and throughout the region.

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Human Resources for Faculty and Staff

OHSU Human Resources - your fastest link to OHSU job opportunities. OHSU is a dynamic and fast paced environment with opportunities in many areas. Our opportunities change frequently, so check back often.

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Benefits and Pay

OHSU benefits are an important part of your total compensation package and offer several ways to maintain a degree of financial stability for yourself and your family in the event of illness, injury, disability or death. OHSU benefits also offer flexibility that lets you choose the level of coverage you need.

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Employee Health

Employee Health offers services to all OHSU employees that are often free or at a reduced cost. We protect OHSU and its employees and help create a safe work environment.

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Manager Zone

Access useful forms for onboarding employee's, training, to legislative updates that have a direct impact on managing new employee's.

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New Employee Zone

New Employee Zone is designed to make your first few days, weeks, and months more enjoyable and to help you get started on a journey to success.

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Workplace Resources

From child care, employee discounts and services to parking and Inclement weather guidelines, getting the most out of being an employee of OHSU is a matter of knowing who is available to help you and where you can find the information and resources you need.

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The OHSU Emergency Mass Notification System (OHSU ALERT) allows OHSU to notify Portland and\or West Campus students, faculty, and the surrounding campus community, in the event of an emergency by sending a broadcast message via text message, pager, or both. Learn More
International Services at OHSU

International Faculty

Office of International Services

The Office of International Services provides immigration advice and services to international faculty, employees and visitors. The Office also advises academic departments and hiring managers on education and employment-related immigration regulations and procedures.
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Policies and Procedures

Office of Integrity

The OHSU Integrity Office provides leadership for OHSU's compliance with federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines. 

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