The Resident & Faculty Wellness Program

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To make an appointment, email any of our providers listed to the right of this page.

If urgent, page 1-0975 for the provider on call

Many medical professionals struggle to manage the unique demands of working in an academic medical environment. Sometimes, we can be resilient in the face of severe stress, but at other times we can become overwhelmed and may benefit from professional coaching or counseling.

Residents, fellows, and primary School of Medicine faculty can receive free, confidential counseling and coaching services on site here at OHSU. We are here to help you address any problems or concerns - personal or professional. You do not need to be in crisis, you may just want to talk or consult with us. 

RFWP Services

  • Individual coaching and counseling
  • Psychiatric consultation and medication management 
  • Referrals to providers in the Portland community


There is often concern about confidentiality and privacy. Everyone who participates in the Resident and Faculty Wellness Program is seen in a private location at OHSU. No Epic medical record is created and no insurance is billed. No identifying information is shared with anyone without your consent unless there is a risk of danger to self or others. You do not have to report receiving counseling when you apply for, or renew your medical license.


Counseling is not reportable ... impairment is reportable.

Resident and Fellow Access to Care

To ensure access to care, OHSU House Officers' Association has compiled a list of clinics at OHSU. Each department listed has agreed to facilitate scheduling resident appointments They will open up many otherwise-closed faculty schedules to residents and fellows. View the Resident/Fellow Wellness Policy.

  • You do not need to have a problem to establish care. Get to know your doctor now, so that you have a support system in place when you need it!
  • Please use your designated half-day off per quarter to schedule preventive care appointments 4-6 weeks in advance. Advanced planning is especially important if you wish to be seen by faculty.
  • For urgent needs, all clinics have daily openings — they cannot guarantee that you will be seen by your PCP or even by faculty, but they can ensure quick access to excellent care!