WAM award categories

The Women in Academic Medicine Committee seeks to recognize individuals who support the success of women in academic medicine. We also work to create culture change in the area of recognition of the important roles of women at OHSU. Often women are the backbone of the institutional successes yet recognition may be minimal. To recognize such individuals, the committee has created a total of five awards. 

Eligibility: We welcome the nomination of exemplary individuals employed at OHSU. The awards are open to faculty from all schools within OHSU. Awardees must be current OHSU employees.

Nominations should consist of a letter of nomination, at least one additional letter of support from colleagues, and the nominee's curriculum vitae. The nomination letter should specifically address how the individual's accomplishments relate to the purpose of the award. 

Award recipients will be announced at the annual Women in Academic Medicine conference, Jan. 30, 2018. 

Award categories

Mentoring Award 

This award is designed to recognize and highlight the outstanding mentoring activities of an individual faculty member at OHSU. The Mentoring Award will be awarded to a member of the OHSU faculty who goes above and beyond their duties and exemplifies a deep commitment to fostering the professional and personal development of women students, residents, faculty or other groups. Successful recipients should have contributed to the success of women by advising and promoting them in any domain at OHSU including, clinical, education, or research.

Letters of nomination and support for this award should emphasize how the candidate has fostered the success of women at OHSU through mentoring. One letter of support must be from a woman who benefited from the candidate's guidance and mentorship. The nominee's CV must include a list of women mentees.

Discovery Award for Women in Science

The aim of this award is to highlight the major contributions being made by junior or mid-career (up to Associate Professor or equivalent rank) female scientists at OHSU. The Discovery Award for Women in Science will be awarded to a female member of the OHSU faculty who demonstrates outstanding achievements in research early in her career and presents a model to inspire future generations of women in science through her work.

The letters of nomination and support should discuss how the individual's work fosters the development of the next generation of women scientists.

Clinical Excellence Award

This award is given to a woman clinician at OHSU who has dedicated her career to excellence in patient care. The Clinical Excellence Award will be awarded to an individual who has advanced the quality of care for OHSU patients through education and quality improvement and is recognized as an outstanding clinician by her peers. The letters of nomination and support for this award should showcase how the individual's contributions to education and quality improvement have positively influenced patient experience at OHSU, as well as speak to her recognition as a leader in clinical excellence.

Emerging Leader

This award recognizes leadership talent and accomplishments in junior to mid-career (up to Associate Professor or equivalent rank) current OHSU women faculty from all OHSU schools. An emerging leader is a woman who early in her career demonstrates her talent and capacity for driving change within her own team/department. She is running significant initiatives and is fast becoming a prominent and visible leader of the future. The letters of nomination and support for this award should speak of the individual's potential as a leader and include examples of recent initiatives. One letter of support should be from someone who has benefited from the nominee's leadership, and another letter from the supervisor.

Resiliency Award 

This is an award given to a female faculty member to recognize her ability to thrive at work at OHSU after working through a personal or professional life event. Examples include the ability to recover readily from illness, personal loss or adversity. The individual must simply demonstrate the ability to bend but not break, to weather the storm and come out stronger for it, to thrive in the face of adversity and thereby contribute to the strong spirit of the OHSU community. Permission must be sought from the nominee for nomination of this award. The letters of nomination and support should speak to the individual's ability to thrive in the face of adversity.