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     Spanish version of My Pregnancy Plate

  • Healthy Eating Plate
    Detailed guidance, in a simple format, to help people make the best eating choices

  • General Nutrition Handout
    General nutrition guidelines (incorporating the Healthy Eating plate)

  • Let's Get Healthy! Epigenetics Station
    An interactive game, manipulatives and printable handouts, including free, downloadable classroom lessons and activities about epigenetics, that help participants learn about this brand new field of science

Multimedia library

Check out our video and radio archives of Moore Institute leaders speaking on the developmental origins of health and disease.

Creating a new nutrition culture for children

Watch this webinar featuring Connie Evers, R.D. and the Moore Institute's Susan Bagby, M.D. discussing how to engage children in nutrition education.

Beyond genetics: The role of nutrition in health and disease

What if we could prevent hypertension and other chronic diseases by changing how we eat? Watch this Marquam Hill Lecture by Susan Bagby, M.D. to learn more.

The epidemic of chronic disease and understanding epigenetics

When will we decide to conquer chronic disease? The moment we realize the future isn't only in our genes, it's also in our hands. Watch Kent Thornburg, Ph.D. explain how at TEDxPortland.

Maternal diet during pregnancy affects future generations

Watch Tessa Roseboom, Ph.D., senior international fellow of the Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness, speak on how an individual's experience in early life both affects his or her health throughout life and has an intergenerational impact.

Where does disease come from? Revealing the secrets of epigenetics

Dr. Thornburg delivered the October 17, 2013 Marquam Hill Lecture at OHSU. If you missed it, you can watch the lecture for information about how to eliminate chronic disease where it starts.

You are what your mother and grandmother ate: Transgenerational influences

Learn about the developmental origins of health and disease and how the health of your mother and grandmother affects your health in this presentation made by Susan Bagby, M.D., to the Oregon Life Course Network. 

Dr. Thornburg at TEDMED

Dr. Thornburg

When will we decide to conquer chronic disease? Dr. Thornburg speaks on maternal health.

The OHSU Effect

Listen to Dr. Thornburg's radio interview on KXL 101.1 FM — part of a radio series called "The OHSU Effect: Inside Health & Science." Dr. Thornburg spoke about the 2011 World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease that was held in Portland, Ore.