Medical Physics Graduate Program

Medical Physicists

OHSU's Department of Radiation Medicine/Division of Medical Physics and Oregon State University’s Department of Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Health Physics, jointly administers the Oregon Medical Physics Program (OMPP).

At this time, degrees in medical health physics and therapeutic medical physics tracks are offered. The OMPP may eventually offer diagnostic and nuclear medicine medical physics tracks.

Medical health physicists are typically concerned with limiting the radiation doses to medical workers, patients, and the general population. They ensure the hospital is compliant with federal, state, and internal regulations.

osu-brainTherapeutic medical physicists work closely with physicians and other staff to customize each patient’s radiation treatment to deliver the radiation where it is needed and limit the dose to normal tissues. They carry out routine quality assurance of the medical accelerators and radiation sources used to deliver the radiation treatment. Medical physicists are also responsible for bringing new technologies and treatment devices into clinical use; and at university medically centers, assist in developing new technologies.

Program Administration

Through the partnership agreement Oregon State handles applications and administration of degrees. For more information on admissions criteria, research, and program cost please visit the Oregon State Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics.  


Krystina Tack, Ph.D. – Program Director, Assistant Professor
Wolfram Laub, PhD, MBA - Deputy Director

Angela Griglock, Medical Physics Administrative Programs Specialist

OHSU Medical Physicists
Brandon Merz, MS

James A, Tanyi, PhD

Junan Zhang, PhD

Richard J. Crilly, PhD

Susha Pillai,M.Sc, M.S, DABR

Thomas M. Griglock, PhD, DABR
Wolfram Laub, PhD, MBA


grad med students

The Medical Physics program has 3 new graduate students this year. 

Standing in back from left to right: Michael Butkus, Joshua Mathews, Celeste Leary.
Kneeling in front: Kyle Gallagher and Elizabeth Polsdofer.
(Not pictured: Ara Alexandrian, Shannon Durham, Gavin Graeper, Jennifer Wong, Taylor Harry)


Alex Egan, Ph.D.
Stephanie Junell, Ph.D.

Graduate Students Ph.D.
Joshua Mathews
Michael Butkus
Kyle Gallagher
Taylor Harry
Celeste Leary
Elizabeth Polsdofer

Graduate Students M.S.
Alison Arnold
Ara Alexandrian
Elizabeth Polsdofer
Thomas Crabtree
Shannon Durham
Gavin Graeper
Jennifer Wong

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