Traci Rieckmann, PhD

Research Assistant Professor



BS Technical Journalism, Oregon State University
MS Health Promotion and Education, University of Utah
PhD Counseling Psychology, University of Utah

Areas of Research/Scholarly Interest:

Implementation, adaptation and clinical evaluation of evidence-based practice in substance abuse treatment. Emphasis on diverse populations, translational research and improving the quality of care through increased access, effectiveness, retention and systems-wide change designed to improve services. 

Education Activity


Courses Taught:

Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Health Services Research

This course examines various qualitative and mixed methods used in health services research.  A broad range of topics are included in the readings, class discussion, and student presentations.  This is a course focused on methods and application of qualitative research strategies within health services and clinical research.

Summer Research Training Institute for American Indian and Alaska Native Health Professionals:

Alcohol and Drug Disorders Among American Indians and Alaskan Natives (June 2008; 2010).  The one week course examines the epidemiology of alcohol and drug disorders: morbidity and mortality, community indicators, quality of treatment, and use of evidence-based practices.  Students develop an indicator data base that they can implement in their community.

Publications/Creative Work



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  • Under Review:
  • Rieckmann TR, Kovas AE, Cassidy EF, McCarty D. (under review). State Policy and Purchasing Levers to Accelerate Use of Evidence-Based Practices for Alcohol and Drug Treatment. Manuscript submitted to Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research.
  • Fussell, H., Rieckmann, T., & Quick, MB. (under review). Medicaid Reimbursement for Screening and Brief Intervention of Substance Misuse. Manuscript submitted to Psychiatric Services.
  • Rieckmann, T., Farentinos, C., Tillotson, CJ., Kocarnik, J., & McCarty, D. (under review). The Substance abuse counseling workforce: Education, preparation, and certification. Manuscript submitted to Substance Abuse.
  • Ford, J., Edmundson, E., Evans, A., Rieckmann, T., Molfenter, T., & McCarty, D. (under review). Leading agency change: personal and organizational challenges for change leaders. Manuscript submitted to Journal of Behavioral Health Services Research.
  • Bergmann, L., & Rieckmann, T.  (under review). Legislating Clinical Practice: Counselor Responses to an Evidence Based Practice Mandate. Manuscript submitted to Qualitative Social Work.