The Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE) is one of 27 academic departments in the School of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). 

The mission of DMICE is to provide leadership, discovery and dissemination of knowledge in clinical informatics, clinical epidemiology, and bioinformatics / computational biology. This mission is fulfilled through programs of research, education, and service.

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What are Realistic Goals for EHR Interoperability? - Last week, the two major advisory committees of the Office of... http://t.co/4Bdux4H909

OHSU Informatics Awarded NIH Grants Focused on Big Data and Analytics http://t.co/OlJxG32pJk

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Join us today for a presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Borycki on Health Information Technology Safety. 11:30a - Mac Hall. http://t.co/FjjrlUqZ5p

Join us today for a presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Borycki on Health Information Technology Safety. 11:30a - Mac Hall. http://t.co/BYQK4VVuEh

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RT @williamhersh: Great poster presentations from @OHSUInformatics trainees at #nlm2014 : Steve Williamson and Aurora Blucher

New Video: "Developing a Computational Pipeline for High Throughput Quantitative Phenotyping" - YouTube http://t.co/ia8VollYGF

New Video: "Using Graphical Models to Characterize Spatial Interactions in Cells" - YouTube http://t.co/ibPe5DdtKW

National Library of Medicine: Past, Present, and Future http://t.co/uEcXcy2kHr

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Joanne Valerius Joanne Valerius, MPH, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Valerius is a recent recipient of Health Information Management Triumph Award for Educators. The Educator Award honors those who demonstrate excellence in preparing the next generation of professionals for their Health Information Management careers.

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New energy-efficient data center will propel OHSU into "big data" research

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