DMICE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Book Club

The DMICE Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee has a Journal Club discussion group.  This journal club discussion group aims to bring together our staff and faculty to read, listen to and/or watch media on topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion, and create a forum for us to gather and discuss the topics as a group.

July 15, 2021 Article  reviewed: “Correcting medicine's use of race in clinical algorithms”

The second discussion was another success and several resources were recommended on the chat:
Algorithmovigilance—Advancing Methods to Analyze and Monitor Artificial Intelligence–Driven Health Care for Effectiveness and Equity 
There is a wonderful volume of essays called "Raw Data is an Oxymoron".
“Coded Bias” movie on Netflix
Physician Use of Stigmatizing Language in Patient Medical Records

The inaugural Book club on May 06, 2021, 11:30am-12:30pm was immensely successful.  Our first book: Survival Math by Mitchell Jackson Print versions may be available via Interlibrary Loan at OHSU Library. Print and eBooks are available from Multnomah County Library Copies of the book are available to purchase from Powells here and Amazon here

For any questions and suggestions, contact Ngoc Wasson