The Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE) is one of 27 academic departments in the School of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). 

The mission of DMICE is to provide leadership, discovery and dissemination of knowledge in clinical informatics, clinical epidemiology, and bioinformatics / computational biology. This mission is fulfilled through programs of research, education, and service.

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RT @williamhersh: @OHSUInformatics: Tweet us any Qs you may have for Dr. Tracy Edinger's thesis defense. http://t.co/8urjxAWtjM

@cbartoc Google Glass is in the operating room now too, and Apple is developing a health app. Will be interesting to see if BB can keep up!

Will more stringent measures in Stages 2-3 improve results? " Study finds no assoc. between MU and quality of care" http://t.co/Dy2Ni9Gbgc

Tweet us any Qs you may have for Dr. Kechris on her talk on modeling dependencies and integrating data types. http://t.co/4N3VdXWm62

Additional OHSU Contributions to Clinical Informatics Subspecialty Training http://t.co/41K7SUjdyx

ICYMI: "How EHR Simulation Can Help Improve Patient Safety". Watch yesterday's lively + entertaining talk here >> http://t.co/CvFo5VKM2e

Good assessment of the pros and cons "Are Hackathons the Future of Medical Innovation? http://t.co/MDUBgUmxP9 via @slate"

Thanks for watching this informative and engaging talk! Please tweet us Qs for Drs. Mohan and Gold. #dmiceconf

@FaizaK @marcela Thanks @FaizaK :-)

@marcela Yes, we started about 15 mins ago. Are you still having issues? Try closing the browser window and opening again.

"How EHR Sim Can Help Improve Patient Safety" starting in 5 mins, w/ OHSU Drs. Mohan and Gold. Live stream here >> http://t.co/NrJYLBjgaA

OHSU Launches Clinical Informatics Fellowship http://t.co/zSKMsmXxdI

IDL Talks tmrw 4/10 at 11:30 PT. Feat. OHSU's Vishnu Mohan and Jeff Gold. "How EHR Simulation Can Help Improve P..." http://t.co/Ud1923ZoCG

New Video! "Next Generation of Innovation on the Semantic Highway Challenges" by Dr. Frank Naeymi-Rad. >> http://t.co/blNiaTcvMg

IDL Talks this Thurs, April 10th. Feat. OHSU's Vishnu Mohan and Jeff Gold. "How EHR Simulation Can Help Improve P..." http://t.co/753ju65V13

RT @DMICE_Deb: Learn about the Informatics Discovery Lab at OHSU Research Week poster session https://t.co/sncu4rQYb8 @OHSUInformatics @OHS

New video: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Assessing Providers' and Consumers' Health Information Needs. Watch>> http://t.co/Tlbnt2QPlT

IDL Talks tmrw at 9:45 AM PT, featuring @frankrad speaking about challenges on the semantic highway! Live stream>> http://t.co/l1H8xypOjB

Have a question for Dr. Marquard? Tweet us the Q with #dmiceconf and we'll ask the question at the end of the talk. http://t.co/2G3BvtlFRB

Jenna Marquard, PhD, MS is speaking now on interdisciplinary approaches to assessing information needs. Watch here >> http://t.co/2G3BvtlFRB

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Paul Gorman, MD
Associate Professor

gormanDr Gorman's research areas include naturalistic decision-making, information needs, distributed cognition, and social informatics.

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