Shared Equipment

Shared by all members of the Department is state of art equipment including an ABI/Lifetech StepOne-Plus realtime PCR system which can perform high-resolution melt calculations in addition to qRT-PCR. There are 3 Beckman ultracentrifuges for sample preparations such as the purification of subcellular organelles, the concentration of virus particles or the separation of macromolecules. A Storm 825 imaging system produces digital images of radioactive or fluorescently labeled samples. An ImageQuant LAS 4000 camera system is used for capturing digital images of gel or membrane samples such as chemiluminescent Western blots or fluorescent samples using incident or transmitted light sources. The Biacore X100 is utilized to characterize biomolecular interactions such as kinetics, affinities, and binding specificities of interacting proteins and/or compounds. The Applied Precision DeltaVision microscopy system produces superior images through deconvolution technology. Available from the Stenzel-Poore lab, is a Sterile Coy Controlled Environment Chamber with an anaerobic atmosphere of 85% N2, 10% CO2, 5% H2.