Journal clubs

By department

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

BCMB 606A     Protein Structure and Function Journal Club
BCMB 606B     Metals and Membranes Journal Club
BCMB 606C     Molecular Parasitology Journal Club

Cell & Developmental Biology

CELL 606A     Developmental Biology Journal Club
CELL 606B     Cell Biology Journal Club
CELL 606C     Signal Transduction & Cancer Journal Club

Molecular & Medical Genetics    

MGEN 605C     Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Journal Club
MGEN 605E     Molecular & Medical Genetics Journal Club

Molecular Microbiology & Immunology

MBIM 606B     Virology Journal Club
MBIM 606C     Immunology Journal Club
MBIM 606D     Pathogenesis Journal Club
MBIM 606E     Virology Journal Club-Primate Center

Physiology & Pharmacology

PHPH 606     Departmental Journal Club

Cancer Biology

CANB 606      Cardiovascular Genetics/Development Club


NOTE: Descriptions of the journal clubs are available on the web site of the department offering the course. Please contact the basic science departments directly for up to date information about their Journal Club offerings