Graduate Program in Molecular & Cellular Biosciences

This interdisciplinary program brings together over 150 faculty from five basic science departments and research institutes to provide graduate students with rigorous training in chemical, molecular, cellular, and systems biology research toward the completion of a Ph.D.  Find out more about Admissions.

Our faculty are doing amazing reasearch!


All students are required to create an ORCID account. Once complete, please send your ORCID ID# to the Graduate Studies Office.

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

-Nov. 24th   Winter Term Registration Opens

-Nov. 27-28th   Thanksgiving Holiday - No Classes



Congratulations Dr. Branden Tarlow!

For successfully defending your thesis entitled "Cllular plasticity in liver injury:origin of progenitors and mechanisms of regeneration" under the mentorship of Dr. Markus Grompe.

Congratulations Dr. Huilan Yao!

For successfully defending your thesis entitled " The critical roles for the co-repressor, Rcor1, in lineage determination" under the mentorship of  Dr. gail Mandel.

Upcoming Events

Welcome New Students

Chiara Del Piccolo-Williams College

Julia Doh-UW

Ilsa Kirby-Reed

Ryan Lane-George Fox

Haley Licon-Tulane

Ryan Mulqueen-SUNY

Sigrid Noreng-Univ. of Oslo

Daelyn Richareds-PSU

ERika Riederer-Skidmore

Gabriel Romero-U of Minnesota

Jon Savage-UC Santa Cruz

Saundra Schlesinger-Arizona State

Seong Seo-Kyungpook University

Kristof Torkenczy-Univ. of Edinburgh