Oral History Program

The Oral History Program of Oregon Health & Science University began in August 1997. Its purpose is to record interviews of individuals who can contribute to the understanding of the history of OHSU and its various schools. The interviews gather personal perspectives concerning critical points in the history of the institution. Major themes include changes in clinical practice, becoming a university, growth of research, growth of campus facilities, women and minorities, curriculum changes, and World War II.

Over ninety interviews, ranging from one to eight hours in length, have been completed. Selected interviewees are representative of the different units on campus and knowledgeable about milestones in the history of OHSU. Interview tapes are transcribed, then edited, indexed, and cataloged. All master tapes, transcript versions, and supplemental materials are added to the OHSU Oral History Program Collection in the Archives. A finding aid for this collection is available upon request.

Completed interviews can be found in the library catalog by doing a title search on "OHSU Oral History Project". Audio and video tapes can be checked out for one week and renewed. Transcripts can be checked out for 28 days and renewed.

A searchable database of topics discussed in processed interviews is now available. Search the Oral History Master Index.

Oral Histories in Our Collection

1997 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
8/18 1 Kenneth C. Swan, M.D. School of Medicine, Ophthalmology
9/3 2 J.S. (Dutch) Reinschmidt, M.D. School of Medicine, Outreach
9/16 3 J. David Bristow, M.D. School of Medicine, Cardiology
9/18 4 Robert D. Koler, M.D. School of Medicine, Genetics
10/9 5 Marie K. Wagner Library
11/7 6 Donald G. Kassebaum, M.D. School of Medicine, Hospital Administration
11/7 7 David M. Witter, Jr. Acting President, Hospital Administration, Information Systems
1/13 8 Jack A. Vernon, M.D. Speech and Hearing, Hatfield Connection
12/1 9 Barbara C. Gaines School of Nursing, History of Nursing
12/3 10 Gwynn Brice Dockery Early Administration
12/5 11 May E. Rawlinson, R.N., Ph.D. School of Nursing, WWII
12/8 12 Isabel McDonald Primate Center, Library
12/9 13 Heather G. Rosenwinkel Library
12/17 14 Bernice Orwig Cochran School of Nursing
12/18 15 Marion Krippaehne, M.D. School of Medicine, Women in Medicine
12/22 16 Richard T. Jones, M.D. School of Medicine, Acting President
1998 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
1/15 17 Sarah E. Porter, R.N., Ph.D. School of Nursing, Research
1/30 18 J. Henry Clarke, D.M.D. School of Dentistry, History of Dentistry
2/6 19 Michael David Baird, M.D. School of Medicine, Tuberculosis Hospital, Dean Baird
2/20 20 William Shunsuke Ito, M.D. WWII, Minorities in Medicine
2/25 21 Mary Ann Lockwood Public Relations, Administration
3/24 22 Donald Devlin WWII
4/1 23 Cliff Morris WWII
4/8 24 Edgar Murray Burns, M.D. WWII, Psychiatry
4/11 25 Ruby Hills, Katherine (Kay) Fisher Hilterbrant, Edith Moore Richards WWII, Nursing
4/17 26 Carol Ann Lindeman, R.N., Ph.D. School of Nursing, Dean
4/21 27 Peter O. Kohler President
4/26 28 Louis B. Perry Board of Higher Education
5/1 29 Joseph D. Matarazzo, Ph.D. School of Medicine, Medical Psychology
5/8 30 Ruth G. Matarazzo, Ph.D. Medical Psychology, Women in Medicine
5/22 31 Robert A. Peterson V.P., Finance
5/22 32 Lewis W. (Bill) Bluemle, M.D. President
6/10 33 Donald W. Sutherland, M.D. Town/Gown, Cardiology
6/14 34 Marjorie J. Noble, M.D. Women in Medicine/Anesthesiology
6/30 35 Roy L. Swank, M.D. School of Medicine, Neurology
7/2 36 Mary Durham McDonald Dean Josephi's Granddaughter
7/13 37 Joseph J. Adams Public Relations
7/14 38 Herbert E. Griswold, Jr., M.D. School of Medicine, Cardiology
7/17 39 James A. Wood, M.D. Cardiac Surgery
7/18 40 William Barton Youmans, M.D., Ph.D. School of Medicine, Physiology
7/20 41 C. Conrad Carter, M.D. School of Medicine, Town/Gown, Neurology
8/3 42 Roy E. Lieuallen, Ed., L.H.D. Chancellor, State System of Higher Education
8/7 43 George A. Porter, M.D. School of Medicine, Chair of Medicine
8/7 44 Warren G. Bishop, M.D. School of Nursing Donor
8/7 45 Miles J. Edwards, M.D. Cardiac Surgery
8/31 46 Barbara Hiatt Jacob School of Nursing, Tuberculosis Hospital
9/23 47 Daniel J. Labby, M.D. School of Medicine, Psychiatry
9/24 48 Stanley W. Jacob, M.D. School of Medicine, Research
9/25 49 John D. (Jack) Flanagan, M.D. Surgery, Town/Gown
9/29 50 Nelson R. (Sam) Niles, M.D. School of Medicine, Pathology, Curriculum
10/22 51 Mark O. Hatfield Senator
10/22 52 Grace Phelps Williams Niece of Grace Phelps
10/28 53 Margaret M. (Peg) Ryan School of Dentistry, Dental Hygiene
12/1 54 F. James Marshall, D.M.D. School of Dentistry, Endodontics
12/10 55 J. Peter Bentley, Ph.D. School of Medicine, Faculty Senate, Biochemistry
12/15 56 Louis G. Terkla, D.M.D. School of Dentistry, Dean
1999 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
1/8 57 Ted H. Willhite Nephew of Dean Dillehunt
1/22 58 Donald R. Porter, D.D.S. School of Dentistry, Pedodontics
2/1 59 Gary Jones, M.D. Families in Medicine, Pediatrics
2/18 60 Victor D. Menashe, M.D. CDRC, Pediatric Cardiology
2/27 61 Eugene Gettelman, M.D. 1932 UOMS Graduate
3/2 62 James T. McGill, Ph.D. V.P. Finance, Laster Administration
3/2 63 Martha Rohner van der Vlugt, M.D. Women in Medicine, Rural Medicine
3/5 64 Leonard Laster, M.D. and Ruth Ann Laster President
3/18 65 Cecil Keith Claycomb, Ph.D., and Elizabeth (Betty) Claycomb School of Dentistry, Minority Relations
3/24 66 Bernice Jones School of Nursing
4/12 67 Carol Pearson Storer School of Nursing, Hospital Services
4/16 68 William E. Snell, M.D. School of Medicine, Orthopedics
4/26 69 Harold T. Osterud, M.D. School of Medicine, Public Health
4/26 70 Robert A. Campbell, M.D. School of Medicine, Primate Center, Pediatrics
4/27 71 John A. Benson, Jr., M.D. School of Medicine, Dean
4/29 72 Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) Baptist Medical Technology
5/27 73 Richard W. Olmsted, M.D. Doernbecher Hospital
6/2 74 Betty Weible Doernbecher Hospital, Pediatric Nursing
6/23 75 John W. Kendall, Jr., M.D. School of Medicine, Dean
6/23 76 S. Gorham Babson, M.D. Doernbecher Hospital, Neonatal ICU
7/8 77 Reid S. (Sam) Connell, Ph.D. School of Medicine, Anatomy, Allied Health
11/22 78 Clarence V. Hodges, M.D. School of Medicine, First Kidney Transplant
2000 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
6/8 79 Clare G. Peterson, M.D. School of Medicine, Surgery
7/15 80 Katsumi J. Nakadate, M.D. WWII, Minorities in Medicine
7/16 81 Toshio Inahara, M.D. Surgery, WWII, Minorities in Medicine
7/26 82 Albert A. Oyama, M.D. WWII, Minorities in Medicine
9/12 83 Alfred K. Ono, M.D. WWII, Minorities in Medicine
2001 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
4/3 84 Joseph D. Bloom, M.D. School of Medicine, Dean, Psychiatry
4/17 85 James E. Morgan Library
4/18 86 Joan Ash Library, Informatics
9/10 87 Lesley Hallick, Ph.D. Provost, VP, Academic Affairs
2002 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
8/21 88 Betty Bergman wife of Norman Bergman, Anesthesiology
8/21 89 Wendell C. Stevens, M.D. School of Medicine, Anesthesiology
2003 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
12/12 90 George Saslow, M.D. School of Medicine, Psychiatry
2004 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
4/7 91 Ambrose "Bucky" Shields, M.D. WWII, Surgery
5/18 92 Robert L. Bacon, Ph.D. School of Medicine, Anatomy
6/30 93 Harold D. Paxton, M.D. School of Medicine, Neurosurgery
2005 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
6/21 94 Donald D. Trunkey, M.D. School of Medicine, Trauma Surgery
6/21 95 John R. Campbell, M.D. School of Medicine, Pediatric Surgery
2006 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
2/17 96 Albert Starr, M.D. School of Medicine, Cardiothoracic Surgery
4/18 97 Karen Whitaker Knapp Rural Health
7/28 98 Kathleen Potempa VP, Dean, School of Nursing
2007 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
8/23 99 Mary McFarland, Ph.D. School of Nursing, Research
10/19 100 Frances Storrs, M.D. Dermatology, Women in Medicine
10/25 101 Tyra Hutchens, M.D. Pathology, Nuclear Medicine
2008 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
6/3 102 Rodney K. Beals, M.D. Orthopedics
6/3 103 William L. Toffler, M.D. Family Medicine, Physician-Assisted Suicide
6/3 104 Goodwin, Peter A., M.D Family Medicine, Physician-Assisted Suicide
11/6 105 Charles Grossman, MD Medicine, Town/Gown
12/9 106 Ellen Magenis, MD Genetics, Women in Medicine
2009 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
2/26 107 Pamela  Hellings, RN, PhD   School of Nursing, Outreach
2/26 108 Cecille O. Beyl, MD      Pediatric Cardiology, Women in Medicine
3/9 109 James Huntzicker, PhD    OGI, Management in Science/Tech
11/19 110 David B. Mahler, PhD    School of Dentistry, Dental Materials
11/19 111 William E. Morton, MD, PhD    School of Medicine, Environmental Health
2010 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
2/10 112 E. Alan Meyer, DSc    School of Medicine, Parasitology
2011 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
11/30 113 Richard J. Mullins, M.D. School of Medicine, Trauma Surgery
11/30 114 Brian Druker, M.D. Knight Cancer Institute
2012 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
11/28 114 Dolores Judkins Library
2013 No. Name Subject/Affiliation
4/24 115 David Nardone, M.D. School of Medicine, Veterans Administration Hospital
4/24 116 Joseph Girard, M.D. School of Medicine, Continuing Education
9/23 118 Betty Haugen, R.N. School of Nursing Ashland Campus
9/24 119 Rosalie Caffrey, R.N., Ph.D School of Nursing Ashland Campus
11/4 120 Juliana Cartwright, Ph.D. School of Nursing Ashland Campus