Portland Aerial Tram

Aerial Tram CarThe Portland Aerial Tram provides a critical link between Marquam Hill and the new South Waterfront district. The tram provides a vital connection for OHSU and the community while serving as a catalyst for economic development and urban renewal.

Tram looking east

About the Tram

Crucial link: The Portland Aerial Tram and the crucial link it provides between Marquam Hill and South Waterfront has leveraged private investments of almost $2 billion in the South Waterfront District.

Economic growth: OHSU's expansion is spurring extensive development of the South Waterfront district, which will lead to some 10,000 new jobs.

Urban renewal: The tram reconnects adjacent neighborhoods to the river and helps create a vibrant new live/work district for Portland.

Connection is essential to great health care, discovery and learning: The tram quickly links doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists and students. This critical synergy creates a collaborative environment in which promising discoveries can quickly be translated into new therapies, and in which tomorrow's caregivers will have access to all of OHSU.

A central gateway: Fast tram service to Marquam Hill, ample parking and good public transportation links at the Center for Health & Healing on the South Waterfront adds a convenient, centrally located point of entry to all OHSU services.

Tram Facts

  • Cars: Two 79-passenger cars, both ADA-compatible
  • Capacity: 980 people/hour in each direction
  • Speed & ride time: 22 miles/hour; 3 minutes
  • Frequency: Departs every 5 minutes during peak hours
  • Owners: The tram is owned by the City of Portland. OHSU and the city will share responsibilities for ongoing tram operations.

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