Diversity Resource Guide

Student and Employee Guide to Diversity and Multicultural Resources

The Diversity Resource Guide  serves as a resource for OHSU students, staff, faculty, and residents to connect with diverse and multicultural organizations and businesses in Portland, and beyond.

We are offering this Diversity Resource Guide for general information only. CDI is not endorsing or warranting any of the services or service providers listed in this guide. We are working on regular updates the contents of this guide. your suggestions for a resource that should be included.

Cultural Awareness Guide for Religious and Spiritual Accommodations

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion prepared this Cultural Awareness Guide* has been created to enhance awareness pertaining to faith-based practices and events. The guide also serves as an educational resource for the myriad of religions and beliefs, and offers crucial information about dates and practices that will be helpful to those planning activities, events, meetings, and co-curricular events that impact OHSU students, employees, and patients.

* available only to OHSU network users. E-mail cdi@ohsu.edu for more information.