Be Safe on Campus

OHSU Auditorium

Stay safe walking

Be safe walking on campus during late or early hours:

  • Use well-lighted paths and avoid shortcuts
  • Be aware and notice those around you.
  • Check the locations of emergency telephones along your route. Someone always answers.
  • Carry a cell phone for emergencies; program emergency numbers into speed dial.
  • Wear reflective clothing for visibility.
Learn Oregon crosswalk safety laws for drivers and pedestrians.

Stay safe at work

Be prepared and stay alert:

  • Adopt sign-in policies for visitors, implement office access controls and install good lighting.
  • Attend safety training and use what you learn.
  • Confirm the identity of unfamiliar people in your area; report unusual and worrisome behavior. 
  • Be sure to read, understand and use company polices.
  • Encourage a culture of mutual respect and inclusion.
What to do if there's a threat of violence at OHSU.

Avoid bicycle theft

Safeguard your property:

  • Lock your bike! It only takes a moment to steal an unlocked bicycle.
  • A Kryptonite U-shaped lock is best; cables and padlocks can be cut easily.
  • Lock your bicycle frame to a bike rack or other secure object; front wheels can be easily removed.
Increase your awareness of bike and riding safety.

Avoid vehicle theft

Take precautions and secure your vehicle:

  • Never leave your vehicle unlocked, your windows down or the keys in the ignition.
  • Never leave spare keys in your vehicle or in known “hiding” spots; store spare keys in your wallet or purse.
  • Never leave your vehicle running unattended.
  • Keep valuables out of sight; lock them in the trunk or store them under your seats.
  • Always keep your personal belongings in your possession; don’t leave them unattended - even for a second.
  • Report vehicle alarms to Public Safety.

In Case of Emergency

For on-campus emergencies, including crimes in progress, call 503 494-4444.