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play Liam's videoLiam Jaussi is a typical kid. He loves computer games, building Legos, climbing trees, fishing, and playing outside. But in June, 2010, when he was 6 years old, a CT scan revealed a large tumor in his brain. He was immediately taken to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital where, over the next five days, surgeons performed two surgeries, totaling 17 hours, to remove the tumor. The skill and care of the doctors and nurses at Doernbecher was immediately evident as Liam announced upon returning home, “I don’t have headaches anymore.”  Within weeks he was back to full strength, riding his bike, and showing no deficiencies.

Liam at the Heart of Doernbecher AuctionAfter surgery, Liam received 33 daily treatments of focal radiation to attack the remaining cancer cells. Through surgery and radiation, he showed courage and strength. But it was his compassion that inspired us to create Liam's $6 Club.

When Liam's parents told him that people were donating money at the Heart of Doernbecher Auction to help children at “his hospital,” he ran to his bedroom and returned with his piggy bank. He said "I'm six years old, and I want to give six dollars."  At the November event, amid donations of thousands of dollars, Liam brought his own contribution from his piggy bank.

Liam’s battle continues. Just before the auction, doctors discovered a recurrence of his cancer. On November 18, 2010, Liam had another surgery to remove several areas of growth in his brain. Once again, he has quickly recovered and currently shows no deficiencies. Liam gave as much as he could to help Doernbecher and is prepared to give all he can to beat cancer. 

In honor of Liam’s inspiring donation at the Heart of Doernbecher auction, a fundraising effort has been started in his name - Liam’s $6 Club. 

We invite you to join Liam's $6 club by giving $6, $60, $600 or more. Please join Liam and make a gift today.

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This brave young philanthropist inspired a big crowd of Doernbecher supporters. We hope you're inspired by his story, too. Join Liam's $6 Club by giving $6, $60, $600 or more to pediatric neurosurgery research at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

Thanks so much to those of you who participated in our 6-week challenge! Since the club began, we've raised more than $40,000 in support of pediatric neurosurgery research at Doernbecher!